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Get the most out of your healthcare marketing with MDA’s Meta Ads Services

Harness the power of social media with Meta Ads Services!

With approximately 1.9 billion daily active users on Facebook and 500 million on the Instagram platform, social media offers a massive advertising opportunity for healthcare organizations. Additionally, one of the best things about social media ads in the healthcare industry is that they deliver a higher return on investment (ROI) than any other form of advertising.

Our Meta Business Suite empowers your organization to target consumers effectively, guiding them through the marketing funnel.

Build Awareness

Introduce your brand to new audiences and position your business as a leading healthcare expert. Engage with the public through educational and advocacy-focused ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Generate Interest

We engage information-seeking audiences with informative ads that link to relevant content like blog posts, social media updates, videos, and more. Establish your brand’s authority in the market.

Create Desire

Educate audiences and influence their decision-making with impactful healthcare Instagram ads that offer solutions to their problems, inspiring action.

Get Things Done

With social proof ads, such as testimonials and case studies, you can drive high-intent audiences to convert with your ads.

With our healthcare Meta Ads Services, your personalized marketing plan is just a step away. Leverage our tools, insights, and resources to transform your relationships into valuable business opportunities.

Let MDA take your Facebook and Instagram ads to the next level

Could your business be facing any of these challenges at the moment?

  • Apple’s iOS update impacted your Facebook & Instagram performance, and you are still recovering
  • High level of advertising expenditure, but disappointing return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • The ads look great, but they are not converting as well as they should
  • Visitors to your Facebook page or website are not making purchases
  • Having a hard time increasing conversions without hurting your return on investment
  • Need a comprehensive Facebook/Instagram ads strategy to boost conversion rates
  • Aiming to improve brand awareness by increasing brand recognition

If any of these sound familiar, it is time for you to take action!

Don’t miss out on valuable leads! With nearly 3 billion active users on Facebook (Meta), placing an ad on this platform gives you access to a vast and highly targeted audience at a low cost. By optimizing your Facebook Ads, you can achieve remarkable conversion rates that are even capable of going as high as 9.21% and drive significant business growth.

At MDA, we have a proven track record of success. Major brands like Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and Salesforce have trusted us to fuel their growth with high-performing Facebook (Meta) Ads campaigns. Taking YOUR business to new heights is our goal now.

Say goodbye to ad challenges and welcome effective campaigns. Together, let’s maximize the potential of your Facebook and Instagram Ads and make them pay off. Get in touch with us today, and we will get you going!

Take your Meta Ads to the next level with MDA's HIGH-ROI (Meta) campaigns

At MDA, we specialize in creating Facebook ads that drive maximum clicks, boost website traffic, and supercharge your business growth.

How do we achieve this?

Our team of digital advertising experts not only focuses on Facebook Ads, but can also provide full-service marketing campaigns aimed at acquiring, nurturing, and converting organic leads. We craft ad copy with engaging calls-to-action, ensuring users not only see your ads but also click on them.

As one of the top Meta Ad agencies, our campaign strategy includes:

  • Identifying the unique features of your business and the advertising goals that you wish to achieve
  • Examining the past campaigns you have run on Facebook to determine what worked best
  • Identifying the right audience using proven methods
  • Retargeting can be used to engage prospects with a high level of intent
  • Writing compelling headlines, descriptions, and copy for Facebook ads
  • Monitoring ad performance continuously and performing A/B tests
  • Increasing the effectiveness of underperforming campaigns
  • Testing different ad formats – instant collection ads, image ads, poll ads, slideshow ads,  carousel ads, leads ads, collection ads, video ads and more – to find the best fit for your business’ target audience

Get in touch with MDA and let our expertise in Meta Ads take your business to new heights. Take advantage of this powerful marketing tool to reach your target audience efficiently and effectively with precision.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Your Facebook page serves as a second website, allowing people to explore your products and services while learning more about your brand.

Benefits of Facebook Ads:

  • Precise Targeting

Facebook Ads offer a unique audience targeting based on behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages and locations. This enables us to reach the right audience and avoid irrelevant clicks.

  • Cost-Effective

Facebook advertising is budget-friendly, allowing us to set daily or lifetime budgets that can be adjusted at any time. Working with a professional Facebook ad agency like MDA ensures optimal results and prevents unnecessary spending.

  • Brand Awareness

Advertising on Facebook is a highly effective way to build brand awareness and ensure more people know about your business. Showcasing your brand to Facebook users helps to boost brand recognition.

  • Lookalike Audience

The Lookalike Audience feature allows us to discover new potential customers who are likely to convert or make a purchase on your website. Facebook identifies the best audience based on existing customers, leading to better targeting and improved results.

Leverage the full potential of Facebook Ads with MDA. Our expertise in healthcare industry marketing ensures your ads reach the right audience, boost brand visibility, and drive conversions.

At MDA, we manage Facebook ads in the following ways:

Our Facebook Ads Management Services offer a range of powerful strategies to boost your brand visibility, engagement, and lead generation. Let’s explore how we can elevate your healthcare business with our top-notch Facebook Ads:

  • Facebook Page Like Ads:

Our Facebook Page Like ads to promote your Facebook page and get your target audience to like it. If the user has friends who already liked your page, they will see their friends’ recommendations, adding credibility to your brand.

  • Facebook Post Engagement Ads:

Drive more engagement and expand the reach of your individual posts with our Facebook post engagement ads. These ads generate more activity and organic followers by displaying the kinds of posts your audience loves.

  • Facebook Website Traffic Ads:

Direct targeted traffic to your website or app with our effective website traffic ads. Ideal for businesses who wish to boost website visitors, these ads redirect your audience to your landing page or app.

  • Facebook App Install Ads:

Our app install ads lead users directly to the Google Play Store or App Store, encouraging them to install your app. We ensure seamless installation experiences to maximize app downloads.

  • Facebook Shopping Ads:

You can display a variety of your products to a wide audience with our interactive Facebook shopping ads. Our expert team highlights your best products, capturing the attention of potential customers.

  • Facebook Lead Ads:

Capture high-quality leads with our Facebook lead ads. Users can simply tap the ad, where a form prefilled with their Facebook information appears, making lead generation quick and efficient.

At MDA, we tailor our Facebook Ads services to suit your healthcare business needs, ensuring maximum ROI and business growth.

Why Choose MDA for your Facebook Ads Campaign?

The number of agencies claiming to deliver results can be so confusing that finding the right one can be a real challenge for many people. But with MDA, the choice becomes clear.

Why MDA is your Perfect Fit:

  • Assurance:

We believe in having a clear and honest dialogue and being upfront with our clients.

  • Teamwork:

We value teamwork and believe that the best work happens when we collaborate with our clients.

  • Implementation:

Our approach to marketing goes beyond just execution; we focus on understanding your unique goals and challenges.

  • Solutions:

With our expertise and systematic problem-solving, we deliver top-notch results.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • A Top-tier Team:

Our team of professionals includes Ad Strategists, Analysts & Creatives who take pride in their work.

  • Continuous Upskilling:

We invest over 50 hours every month in upskilling our team, ensuring we stay ahead in our industry.

  • Cutting-edge Tools:

We leverage globally renowned tools and our custom dashboards for research and delivery.

Our Winning Facebook Ads Approach:

  • Full Funnel Strategy:

We deploy a full funnel approach across ad channels to recreate the customer journey. From brand awareness through YouTube Ads to specific eCommerce keywords with Search Ads, and everything in between, we ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

  • Ongoing Shopping Feed Optimization:

We focus heavily on optimizing product feeds to get maximum visibility on relevant search terms, continuously improving click-through rates and traffic quality.

  • Strategic Google Merchant Center Programs:

We strategically enable all GMC programs to boost click-through rates, lower costs, and increase visibility across search terms.

  • Scaling with Performance Max:

For eCommerce brands, Performance Max can prove to be a game-changer. Our campaign structures leverage Performance Max ads through a continuous process of testing new assets and audiences, increasing the effectiveness of the campaign.

Our Promise:

At MDA, we take pride in delivering exceptional Facebook Ads results. Our data-driven strategies, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to your success set us apart as the preferred choice for healthcare businesses. Let us help you achieve remarkable success with Facebook Ads. Start your campaign with MDA today and experience the difference.

Experience Instagram Ads with MDA: Your Healthcare Marketing Partner

The social media platform: Instagram has become an important marketing tool, connecting businesses with their target audiences in a way that has never been possible before. At MDA, we understand the importance of Instagram as the world’s largest visual content social media platform, which has over 2 billion active users. As a leading healthcare marketing agency, we have developed our expertise in crafting high-performing Instagram Ads that drive results for hospitals, hospital chains, doctors, pharma companies, clinics, and other healthcare organizations and businesses.

Here's why Instagram ads matter for your healthcare business:

  • Visual Communication that Captivates:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and on Instagram, visuals communicate thoughts, sentiments, and emotions more effectively than mere text. Instagram ads offer a powerful way for you to present your healthcare brand, services, and products with captivating images and videos that really connect with your target audience.

  • Precise Targeting Options:

With Instagram’s advanced targeting capabilities, you can reach the specific audience you want to engage with. You focus on users who are genuinely interested in your healthcare product or service, ensuring that your ad spend brings maximum value and conversions.

  • Detailed Analytics for Informed Decisions:

In the competitive healthcare industry, data-driven insights are essential for success. Instagram advertising provides detailed analytics through Instagram Ads Manager, allowing you to analyze the performance of your ads and make data-backed adjustments to enhance their effectiveness.

  • Integration with Facebook Ads:

As a Facebook company, Instagram Ads seamlessly integrate with the powerful Facebook Ads Manager. This integration enables you to leverage the most advanced features for campaign customization, formatting, and targeting capabilities, which will further enhance your reach and engagement.

Our Instagram Ads Management Services include:

  • Instagram Story Ads:

Engage your audience by creating engaging and immersive story ads that deliver your healthcare message creatively. Our expert ad creators ensure that your brand story is communicated effectively and that it inspires action among your audience.

  • Instagram Post Engagement Ads:

Showcase your healthcare products and services with eye-catching images, capturing the attention of potential customers. Using post engagement ads, we help you to attract new users to your content and encourage them to become loyal followers.

  • Instagram Video Ads:

With the power of sight, sound, and motion, Instagram video ads offer a dynamic way to present your healthcare brand and services. We craft visually engaging videos that effectively convey your message.

  • Instagram Carousel Ads:

Take your ad beyond a single image with carousel ads, allowing users to swipe through multiple photos or videos in a single ad. This format enables us to highlight different aspects of your healthcare services and maximize engagement.

  • Instagram Lead Generation Ads:

Make it easy for potential patients to share their information with lead generation ads. We strategically design lead generation campaigns to attract and convert valuable leads for your healthcare business.

  • Instagram Shopping Ads:

Make your healthcare products easy to find with shopping ads. We optimize Instagram Shopping campaigns to drive traffic to your mobile website and boost conversions.

Why Choose MDA for your Instagram Ads?

  • Top-tier Team:

Our team includes expert Ad Strategists, Analysts, and Creatives who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for your healthcare marketing.

  • Continuous Upskilling:

We invest over 50 hours every month in upskilling our team, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Cutting-edge Tools:

With our globally renowned tools and automated dashboards, we create awesome Instagram ads.

MDA - Your Healthcare Marketing Partner

At MDA, we recognize that the healthcare industry demands tailored and strategic marketing approaches. With our expertise in crafting impactful Meta Ads including Facebook and Instagram Ads, we put your healthcare brand in front of your target audience, building trust and converting customers.

As your healthcare marketing partner, we understand your unique business objectives and challenges. Our approach involves deploying a full-funnel strategy across ad channels, making sure we reach and engage all customers.

Whether you aim to drive patient appointments, promote healthcare services, or enhance brand visibility, MDA has the tools, insights, and experience to deliver results that matter.


What Our Clients Say


"MDA’s Meta Ads services did an outstanding job!  To ensure maximum exposure to our target audience, they fluently managed to optimize our online campaigns. The results brought a surge in brand awareness and engagement. We are thankful for MDA’s creativity and efforts in impacting our business positively. For impactful advertising services, look no further than MDA!"

Nora Buckbee

Marketing Manager, Digital Content at Mass General Brigham


"MDA’s Meta Ads have indeed brought a huge revelation about our brand potential. Our online reach increased with new markets involved, all because of MDA’s creative planning and their understanding of our hospital goals. Engagement and conversions skyrocketed to new levels. This led to enhanced patient connections. MDA’s specialization and dedication have paid in full for us. Therefore, we staunchly advocate for their Meta Ads services to anyone in need."

Allison (Smith) Proffitt

Marketing Specialist at Houston Methodist


"We can’t be more thankful to MDA for their exceptional Meta Ads services. Their calculated approach to advertising has brought incredible results for the hospital’s mobile application. The number of app downloads increased exponentially and also got increased audience engagement. MDA’s expertise in Meta Ads helped us enhance overall mobile app promotion and vouch for better healthcare access to a much broader audience. The flawless outcomes backed by an excellent body of dedicated work have made MDA an irreplaceable component of our digital marketing initiatives."

Sandra Tansman

Director of Marketing at CSIMG

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