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About us

Revitalize Your Healthcare Brand with MDA

At MDA, we breathe life into your healthcare brand and elevate your online presence. In today’s digital landscape, patients and consumers are actively seeking healthcare information and resources online. This is why it is crucial for hospitals and clinics to enhance their visibility and engage with their clients on social media platforms.

We are a team that will help you solve complex marketing and business issues together. With our cutting-edge tools and expertise, we create powerful strategies tailored specifically for your healthcare organization. Unlock the true potential of your healthcare brand with our team at MDA and experience growth and success like never before.


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Customized Solutions

We recognize that every client is unique, with specific goals and requirements. So offer customized solutions for your specific needs. Our team takes the time to analyze and develop a strategy that ensures maximum effectiveness.

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience in Digital Marketing, our team is dedicated to providing you top-notch service. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring that you receive the best possible results for your business.

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Trust and Reliability

As a trusted and reliable partner, we deliver on our promises. You can trust us to handle your needs with professionalism and integrity. We provide transparent communication and measurable results that positively impact your business.

customizes solution
Save Time and Effort

At MDA, we understand the value of your time and the effort required to achieve successful results. That is why we offer our expertise and services to handle all your needs, saving you precious time and energy.


How to Get Started



We begin by gathering insights about your business and goals. Based on this information, we develop a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically to your needs and objectives.



Our team of experts executes the plan using the latest technology and tools, ensuring efficient and effective implementation of the strategy.



We conduct in-depth analysis and continuously track key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies. This allows us to make data-driven adjustments and improvements as needed.



We provide regular, transparent reports that detail the results achieved and the impact of our efforts on your business’s bottom line. Our reports help you understand the progress and success of your campaigns.


What Our Clients Say


"We are pleased with MDA’s services on website design, SEO & PPC campaigns. They have exceeded our expectations with flying colors which resulted in better online visibility and improved patient engagement. Their experience has made them a vital part of our marketing plans. "

Hugo Van Den Berk

Director Marketing & Communication at Catharina Hospital Eindhoven

Morten Østergaard

"Our hospital’s online presence has been enhanced to new levels, thanks to MDA’s services on website designing, development and social media management. Our website now conveys our brand effectively with an incredible user experience, visual aesthetics and a data infrastructure. Our audience engagement has strengthened with their social media strategy, which further led to an increase in online visibility. MDA has been a solid companion in our marketing journey on the digital landscape."

Morten Østergaard

Deputy Director at Bornholm Hospital

Mia Endriss

"Optimizing our brand’s online presence was a major challenge that MDA resolved flawlessly with exceptional SEO strategies. Their area of specialization has boosted our search engine rankings, raised organic traffic levels and improved patient engagement. We are grateful to MDA for providing effective SEO strategies and would staunchly recommend their services."

Mia Endriss

Experienced and Positive Account Manager l Advertising | Digital Marketer


"Thanks to MDA for putting such a positive impact on our business. The hospital has highly benefited from its digital marketing services. With their SEO & SMM services, our website’s online visibility has been boosted, which brought us more patients. We are extremely satisfied with MDA’s services and would therefore suggest them to any other healthcare facility which is looking to improve its online presence."

Stulberg Dan

Marketing & PR Director at Oaklawn Hospital


"In terms of exceptional SEO and social media management services for our hospital, MDA has given its best. Their approach to website optimization has put our hospital’s website amongst the higher search engine rankings. It further brought more organic traffic and better patient engagement. Our online presence is also the fruit of MDA’s hard work in social media management, therefore connecting us to a wider audience. We advocate in favor of MDA for their mind-blowing performance in generating productive results in the digital landscape."

Linda Watson

Executive Director Human Resource/Marketing at Houston Healthcare

Rochelle Fine

"We had an amazing time during our collaboration with MDA for SEO services. Their strategic optimization techniques have brought increased visibility and organic traffic. MDA’s commitment to delivering the best results with its specialization in SEO makes them the right choice for any hospital looking to elevate its online presence and catch up with a bigger audience. "

Rochelle Fine

Experienced Digital Marketing Manager

Laura Shea

"MDA has succeeded in successfully reaping huge rewards through online advertising campaigns. Its pay-per-click (PPC) campaign has effectively reached our target audience without any issues. This brought us more patient inquiries and conversions. We are thankful for MDA’s commitment to facing any marketing challenge head-on and providing effective PPC solutions which is so commendable. We would strongly recommend anyone to contact MDA in case their hospital needs broader online recognition."

Laura Shea

Market Director of Marketing at Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South

Tyler Rotondo

"There’s no one better than MDA when it comes to building a user-friendly and attractive website. Our hospital was in awe of their attention to detail and accurate assessment of our brand identity which has been greatly helpful in producing an engaging platform that resonates well with our patients and leads. We strongly suggest MDA for their expertise in web development and designing, as they have exceeded our expectations with game-changing results."

Tyler Rotondo

Director, Digital Marketing at NYU Langone Health


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130+ Satisfied Clients​

Hundreds of healthcare clients, countless smiles, and our digital marketing mojo is the magic behind their thriving success!

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50+ Professionals​

Make your healthcare brand an online superpower with our squad of well over fifty digital dynamos, driving growth and smashing marketing goals!

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17 Years in Industry

Bringing the power of decades of years in healthcare marketing, we are the team that knows the game and plays it like a pro!

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