Project information

Data Table
Client Name Texas Health Huguley Hospital
Services PPC Ads


  • Texas Health Huguley Hospital is based in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • The hospital gives high-quality medical services and empathetic patient care to the local community.


  • The hospital had grave challenges in attaining online visibility & reaching out to its target audience via paid ads. 
  • It was difficult to get satisfying results from its ongoing ad campaigns, therefore bringing down the engagement and conversion rates. 
  • A major concern surrounding the hospital’s budget was managing ad expenses conveniently while optimizing results within a limited investment. 


  • MDA formulated tailor-made, statistically proven ad campaigns for selected demographics and geographic regions to effectively reach the right audience in the local area. 
  • MDA focused on a constant reworking of ad content to enhance click-through rates (CTR) and improve user engagement with interesting ad copies & visuals. 
  • MDA executed a planned way to allocate the hospital’s ad budget productively across different channels, ensuring the most ROI. 


  • Paid ad services from MDA got Texas Health Huguley Hospital a strong online presence that cultivated a noticeable amount of reach and visibility. 
  • The productive ad campaigns resulted in improved conversion rates and an increase in inquiries and appointments from potential patients. 
  • MDA’s budget management approach brought a more cost-effective advertising approach resulting in greater returns on ad spend for the hospital.
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