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Client Name Oaklawn Hospital
Services SEO Services


  • Oaklawn Hospital is a renowned health center located in Marshall, Michigan. 
  • The hospital is known to dedicate itself to delivering the best medical services with other patient-centric facilities to the community. 


  • Oaklawn Hospital had to face difficulties in strengthening its online presence which prevented it from reaching a bigger audience in the digital world. 
  • The hospital could not attract organic traffic to its website, which led to missing opportunities for getting potential patients and authentic information distribution. 
  • The hospital had a difficult run in competing with other medical centers in the region, thus making it harder to stand out in the search engine rankings. 
  • There was no keyword strategy involved in the ongoing marketing efforts, which led to a lack of targeting of relevant search terms and potential patients. 
  • The website lacked frequent content updates based on relevant keywords and new information, therefore adversely impacting its search engine ranking and user experience. 


  • MDA did an extensive SEO audit of the hospital’s website to figure out its weaknesses and how to work on them, therefore making sure of a solid blueprint for future strategies. 
  • In-depth keyword research was carried out to identify specific and relevant keywords for updating hospital content and improving organic traffic. 
  • MDA executed on-page SEO techniques which includes content restructuring, meta tag optimization & keyword selection to improve the website’s visibility on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) 
  • MDA made a targeted local SEO strategy so that the hospital could rank higher on local search results and attract potential customers from the locality. 
  • To ensure consistent and valuable content production, MDA made a content marketing plan. The aim is to engage with the audience, improve search rankings and build thought leadership. 


  • The hospital saw an increase in organic traffic from MDA’s SEO efforts, resulting in the expansion of online reach and better engagement with potential patients on the digital landscape. 
  • There was a significant rise in search engine rankings, therefore boosting its visibility & credibility within the competitive healthcare industry.  
  • Content optimization and targeted keyword strategy by MDA led to an increase in conversion of website visitors to actual patients looking for healthcare services. 
  • Oaklawn Hospital attracted more patients in its locality due to its strong presence in the community resulting from the focused local SEO strategies. 
  • MDA’s ongoing SEO support maintains Oaklawn Hospital’s success in the digital landscape with a sustainable growth trajectory.
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