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Client Name Houston Healthcare
Services Social Media Services


  • Houston Healthcare is a prominent medical center in Texas, USA. 
  • The is committed to providing advanced medical care and personalized services to its patients.


  • Houston Healthcare did not possess a strong social media presence which led to missing opportunities of connecting with its target audience. 
  • The hospital could not produce a meaningful engagement rate on social media which held back its potential in terms of reach and impact. 
  • There was a need to create sensitive & thoughtful content with consistent management on social media as per the healthcare’s primary challenges.  
  • The healthcare center needed to power up its brand awareness on social media to improve brand reputation and credibility. 
  • It was difficult to measure the return on investment (ROI) from the ongoing social media initiatives. 


  • A thorough audit was carried out to identify the flaws and potential for improvement of Houston Healthcare’s social media presence. 
  • A well-made content strategy was incorporated to focus on knowledgeable, thought-provoking and patient-centric content for driving engagement.  
  • MDA took over the management of social media communities, responding to inquiries and feedback on time. 
  • Houston Healthcare’s branding was refined through regular messaging and visual identity across all social media platforms. 
  • MDA made use of analytics tools to keep a thorough record of the social media performance which proved to help optimize strategies and measure ROI. 


  • Houston Healthcare’s reach and follower base have significantly boosted through MDA’s strategies. 
  • The hospital leveled up in terms of social media management because of compelling content and community management. 
  • MDA was successful in creating content that was well-received by the healthcare community, thus helping in building empathy & trust. 
  • Houston Healthcare’s social media presence improved brand awareness and boosted credibility. 
  • Using productive tracking and analytics tools to measure social media ROI provided valuable insights for future campaigns.
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