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Client Name Houston Healthcare
Services SEO Services


  • Houston Healthcare is a renowned hospital in Texas, USA. 
  • The hospital is known for its best healthcare facilities and values empathy and patience in patient care. 


  • Houston Healthcare had difficulties with ranking on search engine results, leading to low online visibility. 
  • Organic traffic growth was slowing down due to high competition from the healthcare industry which made it difficult to rank for keywords. 
  • The website predominantly carried outdated content, which impacted user engagement and search engine rankings adversely. 
  • The website was not indexed effectively nor it performed well. This was because it carried various technical SEO issues. 
  • There was a lack of local search presence to garner attention from potential leads nearby. 


  • To find out reliable and less competitive keywords & make the most of website content accordingly, MDA carried out comprehensive keyword research. 
  • MDA worked on a content strategy that aimed at developing knowledgeable, shareable & SEO-friendly content to enhance website ranking & user engagement. 
  • To recognize and solve website issues that adversely affected indexing, an extensive technical SEO audit was conducted. 
  • To improve local search presence, local techniques like Google My Business optimization and local citation building were executed by MDA. 
  • MDA constantly looked at website performance and opted for accurate SEO strategies to maintain and improve results. 


  • Through selective SEO strategies, Houston Healthcare saw a noticeable growth in organic website traffic. 
  • MDA achieved the top rankings for critical healthcare-related keywords, driving significant traffic. 
  • By creating relevant, knowledgeable and SEO-optimized content, search engine rankings and user engagement grew significantly. 
  • MDA resolved technical issues, ensuring efficient functioning & search engine indexing. 
  • Local SEO tactics brought more visibility in local searches, therefore bringing on more potential patients. 
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