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Client Name Catharina Hospital Eindhoven
Services Web Design & Development


  • Catharina Hospital Eindhoven is a renowned medical center located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 
  • The hospital has become a source of trust and care with its dedication to providing top-tier medical services and various miscellaneous facilities catered for its patients. 


  • The hospital has not updated its website in ages and therefore lacks fresh content and a design template that impacts user experience adversely, causing difficulty for the visitors. 
  • The website was not mobile-friendly at all, making up for a mediocre user experience for the hospital’s online traffic. 
  • The information architecture of the website was not enough for its users to find out vital information and services. 
  • The loading speed adversely affected user engagement and search engine rankings.  
  • Accessibility guidelines were not followed by the hospital and therefore lacked assurance that the website was available to all people, including the specially-abled ones. 


  • MDA analyzed the hospital’s brand identity and user preferences, this helped in modifying the website with the latest & attractive web design. 
  • MDA adopted the mobile-first approach while optimizing the hospital’s website, therefore taking care of user experience across various devices like mobile phones and tablets. 
  • The information architecture was reframed by MDA to develop a clear pathway for visitors to find valuable information immediately. 
  • The website’s loading speed was cut down significantly through techniques implemented by MDA such as image compression, browser caching and server optimization. 
  • The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were followed by MDA to make the website accessible to all users including the specially-abled ones. 


  • User experience saw a surprising improvement due to the updated website design and reworking of information architecture. Users were able to navigate relevant information and access to vital services was made easy. This further increased engagement and visitor duration. 
  • The website saw a significant rise in mobile traffic due to MDA’s commitment to a mobile-first approach. The mobile-friendly attribute of the website attracted and retained enormous visitors leading to an increase in patient inquiries and appointment bookings. 
  • Loading time was reduced for the website as a result of the pre-mentioned techniques used by MDA and therefore, it led to lower bounce rates and higher search engine rankings that eventually raised the graph for organic traffic.  
  • Both visitors and patients liked the website’s new makeover. The hospital received good reviews for accessibility features and ease of navigation. 
  • Catharina Hospital Eindhoven stayed committed to inclusivity via WCAG, therefore gaining respect from the community and potential patients seeking accessible healthcare facilities.
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