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Client Name Catharina Hospital Eindhoven
Services SEO Services


  • Catharina Hospital is your go-to destination for excellent healthcare services.
  • Medical advancements and dedicated patient care are the cardinal traits of the prestigious medical center. 


  • Establishing a strong online presence has always been a major challenge for Catharina Hospital. Their website ranked low on search engine result pages (SERPs) in terms of relevant medical keywords, thus stopping them from getting greater organic traffic. 
  • Eindhoven was a location for multiple hospitals including Catharina Hospital. That’s why the medical center faced difficulty in standing out for providing its services and therefore, it hardly attracted any potential customers. 
  • The website needed a relevant keyword strategy backed by proven figures to avoid missing chances of attracting the target audience searching for specific medical services. 
  • The website lacked a good user experience which led to a decrease in engagement and an increase in bounce rate. 
  • With average traffic, the hospital still faced challenges due to the site’s inability to convert online visitors into actual customers, therefore putting a negative impact on the ROI from their digital marketing efforts. 


  • MDA carried out an SEO audit to have a thorough understanding of the hospital website’s strengths and weaknesses. The areas of improvement figured out as a result of the audit were on-page optimization, technical SEO & backlink analysis. 
  • MDA’s keyword research helped figure out the most relevant keywords that could help garner great organic traffic. This helped rework the website’s content to rank better on SERPs & attract potential patients. 
  • MDA created fresh, intriguing & educational content as a part of the content optimization work. This was intended to build the website’s authority in the medical industry by providing useful information. 
  • MDA joined hands with the hospital’s web development team to boost the user experience of the website. The objectives of this collaboration were to boost the loading speed of all the web pages, create mobile responsiveness, lower bounce rates and enhance on-site engagement. 
  • MDA carried out Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies like compelling calls-to-action, lead generation techniques and appointment booking optimizations. These efforts are aimed at bringing visitors and converting them into customers, therefore increasing the conversion rate. 


  • Catharina Hospital saw a significant rise in organic website traffic via MDA’s SEO efforts. There were improved search engine rankings for the web pages based on targeted keywords chosen carefully after the keyword research. This attracted more visitors to the site. 
  • MDA’s strategy for target keywords also resulted in increased online visibility. They got higher rankings for important medical keywords, therefore excelling with flying colors against their competitors in their location. 
  • MDA’s efforts to improve user experience built a user-friendly website that brought more engagement and improved on-site visit durations. 
  • Catharina Hospital saw a huge jump in conversion rate. Thanks to the CRO techniques, now more visitors are converted into patients & finally, it put a positive impact on the hospital’s ROI. 
  • The hospital finally positioned itself as an authoritative website for medical knowledge, thus creating value and earning trust and respect in the medical community. This resulted from the efforts put into content optimization and creating educational posts.
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