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Client Name Catharina Hospital Eindhoven
Services PPC Ads


  • Catharina Hospital is an esteemed medical center that commits to providing advanced healthcare and patient-centric service. 
  • The hospital has constantly maintained its reputation as a trusted destination for exceptional service built on excellence and orientation. 


  • Certain challenges hindered the hospital from having a broader online reach, leading to a lack of visibility in the digital space. 
  • It faced difficulties with low Click-Through Rates (CTR) on its paid ads which already existed. This reduced the potential patient leads and brought down the website traffic. 
  • The Cost-Per-Click (CPC) was high, which was bringing a deranged budget management system and brought down returns on their ad investments. 
  • Catharina Hospital had a huge competition with other regional hospitals that were chasing the same target audience in the realm of online advertising space. 
  • There were no metrics to extract information on ROI from paid advertising, thus making it difficult to utilize any marketing strategy to its fullest. 


  • MDA formulated accurate audience targeting strategies to identify & attract potential patients that were looking for or even wanted to enquire about specialized medical services provided by Catharina Hospital. 
  • MDA did extensive A/B testing of ad creatives and landing pages to figure out high-performing elements & rework the overall advertising strategy. 
  • MDA executed real-time bid adjustments to enhance the CPC model and ensured proper budget allocation for the hospital to ensure the best ROI on advertising. 
  • MDA focused on conducting regular competitor analysis to surpass the rivals’ advertising initiatives in performance. 
  • MDA delivered extensive and transparent reports that gave Catharina Hospital detailed information about ad performance, conversion rates and return on investment. All of these metrics resulted in data-driven decision-making. 


  • MDA’s paid ad services boosted Catharina Hospital’s online presence which made it convenient for the hospital to reach more leads for patients. 
  • Well-made ad campaigns and engaging ad copies led to a significant rise in CTR. This drove huge traffic to the hospital’s website. 
  • MDA attained improved cost efficiency by executing strategic bid optimizations & revising target parameters to achieve a lower CPC. 
  • Catharina Hospital stayed updated and ahead of the competition against its rival hospitals in the digital advertising landscape. This was the result of MDA’s data-driven decision-making and regular competition monitoring. 
  • MDA kept its client in the loop with detailed analytics and performance reports, that made the hospital analyze and understand the impact of their paid ad campaigns & make crucial marketing decisions.
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