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Client Name Bornholm Hospital
Services Web Design & Development


  • Bornholm Hospital is located in the beautiful landscapes of Bornholm, Denmark.
  • It has a renowned reputation of providing quality healthcare services to the community. 


  • The hospital lacked a strong information architecture for easy navigation of large chunks of medical information, which were otherwise disorganized.
  • The hospital lacked an online appointment scheduling system because of which it could not avoid the complexity of organizing medical appointments at various departments. 
  • Strict accessibility standards were needed to be applied for the hospital to make the website usable for specially-abled individuals as well in accordance with the rules. 
  • Search engine rankings were adversely affected due to slow-loading webpages that also downgraded the quality of user experience. 


  • MDA focused on creating a flawless browsing experience for patients by careful structuring and organization to find relevant information with ease. 
  • MDA incorporated a well-refined appointment scheduling system that was built on parameters such as doctor availability, specialty & patient process. Thus ensuring an easygoing booking experience for patients and staff. 
  • Accessibility features were introduced by MDA with respect to the strict guidelines. These features included all tags, keyboard navigation & screen reader compatibility to assure zero obstacles for all website visitors including the specially-abled ones. 
  • By reworking website elements, using content delivery networks (CDN) and compressing media files, MDA managed to reduce the loading speed of web pages, which enhanced the overall performance. 


  • The intuitive information architecture and the scheduling system increased user engagement which further led to a rise in the number of empowered patients that started actively interacting with the hospital. 
  • The hospital was successful in proving its dedication to inclusivity by meeting accessibility standards. This earned the institution more respect and recognition in the community for reaching out to diverse audiences. 
  • The performance optimization brought down loading time which reduced bounce rates and made the users browse the website for long periods. 
  • Tons of administrative workload was finally resolved with the online appointment scheduling system streamlining hospital operations. Therefore, improving the overall efficiency of the hospital staff.
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