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Client Name Bornholm Hospital
Services Social Media Management


  • Bornholm Hospital is a top-tier healthcare institution that is located on the serene island of Bornholm, Denmark. 
  • Widely known for its excellent medical care and other patient-focused facilities, the hospital has a serious responsibility of serving the island’s healthcare needs. 


  • The hospital faced problems in reaching out and engaging with the local community effectively due to its lack of holding on to a strong online presence. 
  • The hospital faced difficulties with its branding across various social media platforms. This led to confusion among followers and potential patients. 
  • Information dissemination was not effective due to lower engagement rates on social media posts that led people to miss out on relevant information & updates. 
  • Bornholm Hospital had negative brand sentiment occasionally, which either came from dissatisfied patients or misunderstandings. This called for strict social media handling to maintain its reputation. 
  • The hospital lacked measures to combat misinformation about healthcare that circulated actively on social media, thus a need to ensure truthful information reached to the general public. 


  • MDA outlined content themes, developed schedules and catered to what the target audience expected in a well-made social media strategy to boost online visibility. 
  • MDA developed cohesive branding guidelines and templates for social media posts, this assured an undisputed and identifiable brand identity across all social media platforms. 
  • MDA created a multitude of content including healthcare tips, success stories & behind the scene glimpses that focused on increasing audience engagement. 
  • MDA focused on implementing a bold reputation management plan that addresses negative feedback with empathy and resolves all issues on private grounds to moderate situational escalations. 
  • Campaigns were launched to recognize accurate healthcare information, debunk myths and promote the hospital as the authority source of relevant medical knowledge. 


  • The social media presence improved significantly which attracted a broader audience and enhanced its connection with the local community. 
  • MDA’s content strategy significantly improved the hospital’s social media engagement, resulting in increased interactions and better feedback from the audience. 
  • Constant branding efforts throughout the social media channels led to enhanced brand awareness and reinforced the hospital’s reputation as a reliable healthcare provider. 
  • As a result of MDA’s reputation management plan, dissatisfied customers were managed effectively to convert them into satisfied advocates, therefore establishing a largely positive brand sentiment across social media. 
  • Bornholm Hospital emerged as a trustworthy source of healthcare information that also counters misinformation and provides the right guidance.
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