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Client Name Oaklawn Hospital
Services Social Media Management


  • Oaklawn Hospital is an elite medical center located in Michigan, USA. 
  • It delivers the best medical facilities for patients, thus proving itself to be a renowned healthcare provider in its locality. 


  • Oaklawn Hospital experienced setbacks in strengthening its online presence and engaging with the community through social media. 
  • The hospital’s brand visibility and audience engagement could not be maintained due to a lack of a consistent content strategy. 
  • It lacked a sensitive and professional method for managing negative feedback on social media. 
  • The hospital needed a unique approach to stand out or else it would have stayed the same within the competition with other local healthcare providers. 
  • Distributing authentic information about health & medicine whilst complying with HIPAA regulations was a major challenge. 


  • MDA developed a thorough social media strategy that focused on improving its online presence via relevant platforms and an accurate target audience. 
  • MDA curated a content calendar comprising a schedule and format for intriguing content like engaging posts, healthcare tips and patient success stories. This maintained a constant flow of valuable information. 
  • MDA found an efficient way to address negative reviews professionally and punctually & eventually turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied brand supporters. 
  • MDA presented the unique strength and services of Oaklawn Hospital, to make it stand out from its local competitors and help become the go-to institution for healthcare in its community. 
  • MDA made sure that HIPAA regulations were followed diligently, therefore securing the privacy of the patients while still giving reliable healthcare guidance. 


  • Oaklawn Hospital noticed a rise in follower engagement and interactions across social media platforms due to MDA’s strategy. 
  • The hospital’s online reach widened with an increase in local audience and finally building a stronger community presence. 
  • Patient trust & confidence towards the hospital’s services increased as noticed from positive online reputation due to impactful reputation management. 
  • Unique brand positioning made Oaklawn Hospital stand out from the rest of the local competitors and bring higher patient conversions. 
  • By following HIPAA guidelines thoroughly, Oaklawn Hospital conveniently prevented from doing any privacy breaches or causing compliance issues on social media.
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